Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Skin is Old

My skin is old
I can see it in the blotchy reds and yellows
Wasn't I once all pink and tan
I can feel it in the cracks and lumps
Uneven and rough like a salvaged brick
Rough and hard to the eyes and the hands
Still strong, just old.
Calling out to me, Old, Old, Old
Me, the eye that looks out from behind my eyes
My mind has not changed, it is still new with each day
Spring has come again as it does
The sights and the sounds are alive, and young
All part of me and I with it as it always has been
How would I know if life passed me by
My mind feels and sees the age in my skin
Am I really that old
How would I sense the age in my brain
The age in me
Am I old?